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Nostalgia Bragaweg

Bragaweg (Braga Street) was the heart and soul of Bandung's cultural and entertainment scene during the colonial era. It was home to the first European shopping centres - glimmering jewels, high fashion, fine wine and roaring cars were all within reach if wealth was on your side. Behind the art galleries, boutiques, and cafes that line the street today lie untold stories of a glorious past. On the Nostalgia Bragaweg tour, we'll travel back in time, and help you see what's hidden in plain sight.


Duration | Maximum 3 hours

Date and time | hyperlink to schedule

Price | Pay as you wish

Suggested item to carry :

o Hat and sunglasses

o Umbrella

o Water and snacks

o Camera

Route | starting from Asia-Africa Street, Braga Street, and ending at the town hall