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Dago never fails to charm people, especially with its diverse culinary scene! This area offers an array of endless options to satisfy your taste buds. But we have focussed on those with rich histories, curating a list of top culinary destinations around Dago just for you. One must-visit is a historic bakery that showcases how traditional methods of baking have become an essential part of the culinary heritage. And you'll get to nibble on warm, crispy Batagor - a popular snack that was invented in Bandung! Embark on a culinary journey in Dago, and discover the stories behind these timeless flavors.

Duration | Maximum 3 hours

Suggested item to carry :

o Cash in IDR

o Hat and sunglasses

o Umbrella

o Water and snacks

o Camera

Route | Tubagus Ismail Street, to Simpang Dago Market, and ending in Hasanudin Street