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Wanoja Sunda

When discussing about heroes, most narratives often spotlight men. It's time to shift the focus to the remarkable women who played pivotal roles in Indonesia. For instance, Inggit Garnasih stood by the country's first President during the struggle to build the nation. Dewi Sartika, with her unwavering idealism, dedicated her life to educating and empowering women. Both of these incredible women deserve to have their stories celebrated and perpetuated, serving as a source of inspiration for today's generation. Bandung became a home for these amazing women, and we’ll take you on a journey following their footsteps.

Duration | Maximum 3 hours

Suggested item to carry :

o Hat and sunglasses

o Umbrella

o Water and snacks

o Camera

Route | Starting in Balong Gede street, to Dewi Sartika Street, Kalipah Apo street, and ending at the home of Inggit Garnasih